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East London Removals


When it comes to moving – despite our name of being Express Removals – we recommend you don’t rush into it. You can end up overwhelmed with your budget and end-up overextended. The first thing you need to do when a move from or two East London is on the cards is to look at your belongings.

Moving Home In London ?

Check everything including your furnishings and figure out what is really necessary or vital in your new home. By getting rid of the unnecessary items through throwing them away, donating them to charity and selling save for a few items you’ll be able to start clean in the new property and have room to decorate when want to. Additionally you can make savings on your moving vehicle, the storage unit and the number of boxes and packing supplies you need to buy.

Express Removals 24/7 can assess your East London home ready for Removal

Making time to look around is a good idea before making the call. You could also allow us to take a look around as well by doing a home assessment and our professional movers can complete one in not-even a half-a-day. This assessment and it gives you a good idea on how many boxes and packaging to purchase how much storage space you need plus how many crew members you’ll and what kind of vehicle and it’s worthwhile investment to make your removal go off with any problems at all.

Why use our East London Removals service?

  • Lowest prices for East London Moving.
  • Loading & unloading, disassembling & assembling
  • No Hidden charges and No VAT
  • Free seat for our customers in the van.
  • Available 24/7
  • Our Removal Vehicles / Insurance Service


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