Last Minute Moving Tips

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There is one universal truth – people hate moving. People simply don’t like to move just because it’s too much of a hassle with all of the packing, unpacking, lugging around, carrying boxes up and down, loading and unloading, even with a bunch of moving tips. The result usually is that people tend to do nothing to prepare for a move and then, on moving day, they have to rush to do it. In other situations, people are forced to make a move last minute due to some unpredictable circumstances so, what can you do when it’s time and you can’t put moving off anymore? Here are some last-minute moving tips when we are forced to move in a hurry.

A man loses balance carrying boxes

Don’t lose your head

When we realise we have done nothing up until the last minute, we tend to panic. Even the calmest people tend to get nervous when the deadline to something as important as moving is here and we are not prepared. Well, the key to calming down and not panicking is to think. Don’t freeze and try to think and make a plan of action. Everything is easier with a plan, even a makeshift one, so let us try to help you with a couple of moving tips:

●        Try not to hire a moving company on short notice

●        Pack the essentials first

●        Make a plan for packing and dispose of unnecessary items

●        Gather all of the supplies you can

●        Check Moving Tips

●        Try to get help

Moving company

In these sorts of situations, the thing you can be sure of is that you will need to hire a moving company. The process of choosing the right one will be different when you are in a hurry. First of all, the question is how many offers you will get in the first place because companies are usually not very flexible in time-constraint situations. If you get in touch with two or three, you should try and get a quote and decide fast without too much analysing.

Pack the essentials first

One sure fact is that certain things you need and are essential to you, whether you are moving in a hurry or not. Some things, important documents, medications, toiletries, phones, and chargers you can’t afford to misplace. It should be your priority to pack them first and keep by your side so you can access them at a moment’s notice.

Make a plan for packing

The plan won’t be that detailed but you have to have some order. Our best advice is to start with packing from a large room and go towards smaller ones. It is also easier to pack large items first. At this stage, try to organise packing so that you can pack and protect fragile things by packing them with softer stuff. You can protect fragile vases or lamps by packing them with blankets or sweaters and also you should take the opportunity to dispose of some items. There are certain things you don’t really need but have accumulated over time so try to sort them out now. Try to sort items into those you will move with you to your new place, those you don’t need and will donate or throw out, and those things you can put in a self storage unit in London or all over UK. This will certainly lighten the load you have to carry up and down the stairs and pack and unpack later. Be aware that you can’t really organise and sort things when you are moving last-minute so don’t try to. Pack things up as you go, even the kitchen utensils and books if it’s easier

Gather supplies

For efficient packing, you will always need cardboard boxes, box cutters, scissors, rolls of tape and so on. If you are in a hurry getting those supplies can be tricky. You can buy scissors or the tape almost anywhere but you can find other supplies elsewhere. The moving boxes and packing materials can be found on our website or at your local store; chances are they have boxes prepared to throw out and will give them to you for free. If you can’t find boxes you may always use garbage bags for packing. They are useful to pack clothes with hangers straight from the closet, you can protect the clothes in a bag with the hanger hooks sticking out. Clothes packed like this can also be easily unpacked without too much trouble. The trick is to be creative with the supplies you have although it would be helpful if you remembered to get them earlier. Moving Tips.

On the other hand, if you hire professional packers, you don’t have to worry about buying packing supplies. They will provide their own, as they know what are the best tools for each move.

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Try to get help

Moving a whole house can’t be done by one person. It is reasonable to ask for help. A few helpers can speed things up considerably. Call your friends and ask them to help you pack. Packing things into boxes is the most time-consuming task when moving. Your helpers can assist with that and also make it easier to carry boxes up and down or load them in and out of the moving truck. Remember to show your appreciation by buying dinner some food and refreshments or organising a dinner party when you settle in.

Try to use your movers

When you are in a hurry you can really use your mover’s expertise and knowledge. They can really help you a lot but you need to hire the right moving company. A local moving company can organise your entire move for you, which really comes in handy when you are moving on short notice.

Hand trolley with two cardboard boxes ready for last-minute moving

So maybe you like to procrastinate. Maybe you are forced to move on moment’s notice. Whichever the case may be, try to keep calm. You have to be rational, so keep a cool head and don’t rush. There are ways to be organised even when moving last-minute. Just try to think and you will be fine. Remember, moving is always stressful so try to keep stress down even when you are in a rush.