Moving Guide

Your Moving Guide when considering what man and van service will suit your requirements. It’s very important to first know which van is correct for you. This van size guide will help you in determining which vehicle you will need, as having the right vehicle will save you time and the risk of damages to your load. Depending on whether you are moving home, moving business premises or wanting to relocate a few items, for very large relocations you may need to book two vans for the job.

The Right Van Size









The large transit van is the vehicle the majority of moving companies use, you can be sure that this will be sufficient for a studio or small flat move. The height is 1.4m so furniture will have to be dismantled but still fits a lot.









The 3.5 ton Luton van is the van you will need for larger items, double in length and height of the transit van we would recommend this vehicle for any move larger than a one bedroom flats, pianos, or tall wardrobes.

Deciding whether you are able to 'do it yourself' when loading your goods or whether you need some assistance depends on how much stuff you are planning to move, how large are the items you want to relocate and how much time you have to get your move done. Determining all of this before hand will save you from ending up in the lurch on move day, and lowering any chancing of damage to your goods or causing any injuries to your back.

How Many Moving Engineers Will I Need?

One Man and Van

One man and van is perfect for a medium size load of small to medium size items. You could also use one man and a van if you want a parcel courier service, for Packing of furniture and dismantling, we recommend a second engineer.

Two Men and Van

Two men and a van are ideal for medium to large sized removals of mostly large and/or medium sized items. Packing, wrapping, boxing and relocating a small to medium sized house will be a lot quicker with two extra pair of helping hands.

Three Men and Van

Three men and a van is recommended for three to four bedroom properties, flats located on a second floor or higher in a building without an lift or relocating large and awkward items such as Pianos or large electronic equipment.

More FAQs and Things to Consider When Moving


Whether you are moving home, moving business premises, or storing belongings, packing your items correctly is of up most importance in protecting your goods during there transportation or whilst being stored.
Moving boxes not only do they keep your goods protected they also keep your items organised. There are two types of moving boxes; single folded and double folded as you can probably gather double folded moving boxes are stronger and better suited for heavier goods. The last thing anyone wants is the bottom of the box collapsing on move day.
Another thing to be aware of when packing or storing delicate & valuable items, particularly wedding dresses or costumes, or jewellery, you may decide to cover and protect these precious items with tissue paper as one of the most popular choices available but over time most tissue papers becomes acidic & brittle. The acidity will transfer to adjacent objects and cause discolouration. Acid free tissue paper is made to remove these contaminants making the paper suitable for use with cotton & linen textiles. Using acid-free tissue paper will eliminate any risk.
Bubble wrap is another popular choice for wrapping your goods, fantastic for single fragile items such as glass picture frames, or a flat screen TV but bubble wrap does take a huge amount of space which isn’t conventional for a large move. A mixture of acid-free tissue paper and bubble wrap is the best idea for the average house move.
Use a double folded moving boxes when packing your crockery for relocation.
Fold tissue paper or place a layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of the box before loading and then a layer of tissue paper or bubble wrap on the top when you have finished for added protection.
A strong heavy-duty tape to secure your moving boxes is a must on your moving packaging list. Using stickers or a marker pen to label your boxes correctly will save you a lot of time during your move.


Using a professional packing service and unpacking service for your move, will take a huge stress out of your move. The professionals will sort, pack and secure your belongings while you sit back and wait to relocate.
Not only will it take the stress out of your move, it will also guarantee your items will be packed properly by engineers who do it every day, quickly, efficiently and skilfully. Many removal companies offer this as part of their removal package, if this is the case then taking advantage of this service would be a no brainer.
What you can expect and request is literally endless in regards to your packing needs. From folding and boxing your clothes, wrapping your furniture in padded blankets, bubble wrapping your electrical equipment, to sealing your storage items with air-tight film.
Packing services will be incredibly useful if you are pushed for time to do it yourself or if you have items that need to be professionally packed by an expert.


You will have to ask yourself are you skilled and qualified enough to dismantle and assemble a piece of furniture which can be quite complicated and tedious especially if you haven’t gotten the build manual you originally might of had. Fitted wardrobes can be a real problem for a novice d-i-y’er, would you be willing to risk damaging your item or assembling a not so sturdy finished piece. Room door removal might have to be considered to move large items out of a property as well.
These are all things that unless you have a qualified handy-man family member or friend who is willing to give you a hand, it would be highly advised to use a professional furniture engineer to carry out the work. Not only can they get the job done in half the time they will get it done professionally with the added security of goods insurance if you choose a reputable moving company.


Whilst organising a move people tend to over-look the fact that there will be a lot of cleaning involved. Whether you are hoping to claim your end of tenancy deposit or you would love to relocate your items to a clean property that is ready to go. A cleaning service is definitely something you should consider, as the stress of cleaning around boxes is not an easy task especially with time restrains.

Carpet and upholstery done by professionals with specialist equipment can make items as clean as new. When leaving or moving in to a new property cleaning will have to be done. The new property will have to be cleaned without compromise, a deep clean is recommended or though time consuming. People cannot underestimate how critical this is, unseen bacteria and germs can pose a health risk and whether you decide to do-it-yourself or have a cleaning service to take care of it, we cannot highlight enough the importance of getting it done. As little as 2 hours in a small property can be enough to have the new place sparkling clean and ready to use.


When it comes time to move properties, people tend to use this time to organise their belongings, clearing out their old and unwanted items to make space in their new chapter. There is a great chance you will be planning to do the same, so waste disposal is something you might have to consider. This can usually be done on move day, the price of waste disposal can vary depending on the company but solely on your in-side knowledge and organisation.
In the UK, you can either use a local council waste disposal centre or a private waste disposal centre, a local council waste disposal centre is usually free but may need you to produce the current documentation of residency or an online booking to disposal of waste in a commercial van, you will have to do your research but it can be quite cost effective if you do. If you have prearranged a waste disposal site it’s just a matter of getting your unwanted waste loaded in a van and delivered to the site. If you have already decided to use a moving company making an additional, pre-booked trip to the waste disposal centre will not incur any extra charges but you may have to accompany the driver with the van. Whether using local or a private centre booking your self may be worth the


Most people use storage because they have downsized their property, they are planning on traveling abroad or they may have excess furniture and want to make more space at home. If you are planning on putting items into storage you will have to make sure your items destined for storage are packed and labelled properly, you have your storage unit reserved before the move date. Whether you are taking items out of storage to take to your new property or putting items in after moving out you will need to make sure you know the opening times to your storage unit as late arrival may mean you’ll be denied access which will delay your move and may increase your move costs.


Working out how long it will take to move and arrange your belongings will actually save you time and money. Making a list of the services you will need e.g: furniture dismantling, cleaning, man and van and storage. Whilst shopping around for price quotes you can also request an estimated time quote which is quite accurate if you’re clear on what you need doing.
Now you have your time estimates, e.g: furniture dismantling 1hr, cleaning 2hrs, loading and unloading 1hr, journey time 30minutes x2 journeys (from pick-up address to drop-off address) (checking and having the correct van size will save you from making additional trips) = 2hrs, journey to storage 15minute = 30minutes, loading/unloading at storage 20minutes: total: 6hrs 50minutes
Most moving companies run on a fixed hourly rate with a minimum of 2hrs call-out charge so you can have a plan and a rough idea on how much you will have to pay or be willing to pay for what you need exactly. When requesting quotes from moving companies it’s important you are clear on all aspects of your move; level/floor of property, lifts available, items moving, close parking etc. This will all effect the time it will take for your relocation.


Knowing what to look out for when picking a removal or moving company is important and can save you the stress later. First thing to check or though fairly obvious many forget to confirm that their moving company has git (goods in transit) insurance, this will give you the added security when moving as the risk of an accident is always there, make sure you’re covered.
When shopping around for a moving company the majority of companies will offer the option of a free-quote, requesting quotes is a great way to get a ball park figure, requesting too many quotes can be quite overwhelming, a suggestion would be to short-list five moving companies and then proceed to request from your short-list. Another suggestion would be not to use comparison sites, not just because you will be bombarded with calls, voicemails and emails from their sales reps, (something I’m sure we have all fell victim to at some point) but also, it has been revealed that comparison sites are commission based and in reality do not get you the best deal or best company available
Do a little research!! On-line reviews are readily available and are a brilliant tool when researching companies. Check the company social media pages and find out what their customers are saying about their experience. In today’s society researching a company and service has never been easier as people share the good, the bad and the ugly. Be one step ahead and research your potential moving company before using and always leave a review for others to benefit from your experience too.