Moving Guide

Your Moving Guide when contemplating what man and van service will fit your requirements. It is extremely important to first understand that van is right for you. This van dimension guide can assist you in deciding which vehicle you'll need, as getting the ideal vehicle will help save time and the chance of damages for your load. Based on if you're moving house, moving company premises or trying to relocate a couple of things, for really massive relocations you might want to reserve two vans to the occupation.

The Right Van Size









The huge transit is the vehicle that the vast majority of moving companies utilize, you can make certain this will be adequate to get a studio or small apartment movement. The elevation is 1.4m so furniture is going to need to be dismantled but still fits a good deal.


3.5 ton Luton van








Even the 3.5 ton Luton van is your van you'll need for bigger items, double in height and length of this transit van we'd recommend this car for any move bigger than a 1 bedroom apartments, pianos, or tall wardrobes.

Deciding whether you're in a position to'do it yourself' when loading your merchandise or if you want some help is dependent upon how much stuff you're planning to proceed, how big are the items which you would like to relocate and also how long you need to acquire your relocation done. Discovering all this before hand will help save you from ending up at the lurch on move day, and reducing some chancing of damage to your merchandise or inducing any injuries to your spine.

How Many Movers do I Need?

One Man and Van

One man and van is ideal for a moderate size load of little to medium size objects. You might also use one man and a van if you would like a parcel courier service, for packing of furniture and dismantling, we urge another engineer.

Two Men and Van

Two men and a van are perfect for medium to big sized removals of mainly medium or large sized objects. Packing, wrapping, boxing and shifting a small to moderate sized home is going to be a lot faster with two extra set of helping hands.

Three Men and Van

Three men and a van is suggested for 3 to four bedroom properties, apartments situated on another floor or greater in a building with no lift or moving big and awkward items like Pianos or big electronics gear.

More FAQs and Things to Consider When Moving


Whether you're moving house, moving company premises, or keeping possessions, packing your things properly is of up most importance in safeguarding your products during there transport or whilst being saved.

Moving boxes not only do they maintain your products protected they keep your things organized. There are two sorts of moving boxes; solitary double and folded folded as you are likely to collect double folded moving boxes are more durable and much better suited to heavier goods. The last thing anybody wants is the base of the box falling on move day.

Another thing to know about when packing or keeping delicate & precious things, especially wedding dresses or dresses, or jewelry, you might opt to pay for and protect these valuable things with tissue paper among the most well-known choices offered but over time many tissue newspapers becomes contaminated & brittle. The acidity will move to adjacent items and lead to discolouration. Acid free tissue paper was designed to eliminate these contaminants which makes the paper acceptable for use with linen or cotton textiles. Employing acid-free tissue paper may remove any danger.

Bubble wrapping is another popular alternative for wrap your products, fantastic for only fragile items like glass picture frames, or even a flat screen TV but bubble wrap will not require a large quantity of space that isn't standard for a massive move. A combination of acid-free tissue paper and bubble wrap is your ideal idea for the ordinary home movement.

Utilize a dual folded transferring boxes when packing your crockery for movement.

Twist tissue paper or put a layer of bubble wrap in the base of the box prior to loading after which a layer of tissue paper or bubble wrap around the top when you've completed for extra protection.

A powerful heavy-duty tape to fasten your moving boxes is essential in your moving packing checklist. Using decals or a marker pen to label your boxes properly will save a great deal of time throughout your transfer.


Employing a specialist packaging service and unpacking service to your relocation, will have a massive strain from your relocation. The professionals will form, pack and secure your possessions as you sit back and wait to relocate.

Not only can it take the strain out of your movement, but it will also ensure that your items will be packaged properly by engineers that do it daily, quickly, economically and skilfully. Many removal companies provide this within the elimination bundle, if this is true then using the service could be a no brainer.

What you could expect and ask is endless with regard to your packing requirements. From boxing and folding your laundry, wrap your furniture in cushioned blankets, bubble wrap your electric gear, to sealing your storage things with air-tight picture. 

Packing services will probably be incredibly helpful when you're pushed for time to do it yourself or if you have items which have to be professionally packaged by a specialist.


You'll need to ask your self are you really proficient and competent enough to dismantle and build a piece of furniture that may be very complex and tedious especially in the event that you have not gotten the construct manual you initially may of had. Fitted wardrobes can be a real issue for a newcomer diyer, could you be inclined to risk damaging your thing or building a not so hardy finished piece. Room door elimination may need to be thought to transfer large items from a property too.

All of these are things that unless you've got a skilled handy-man relative or friend who's prepared to offer you a hand, it could be highly advised to employ an expert furniture engineer to execute the work. Not only can they get the work done in half the time they'll do it professionally with the extra safety of merchandise insurance if you pick a reputable moving company.


Whilst organising a transfer people are inclined to over-look the simple fact that there'll be a great deal of cleanup involved. Whether you're hoping to maintain the end of tenancy deposit or you'd really like to relocate your things to a fresh property that's all set. A cleaning service is definitely something you need to consider, since the pressure of cleaning boxes isn't a simple job particularly with time restrains.

Carpet and upholstery completed by professionals with expert equipment can make things as clean as fresh. After leaving or moving into a new house cleaning is going to need to be accomplished. The new home will need to be washed without compromise, a clean is advocated or though time consuming. Folks can't underestimate how crucial this is, hidden germs and germs may pose a health hazard and if you choose to do-it-yourself or possess a cleaning service to look after it, we can't emphasize the importance of getting it done. As few as two hours in a small home can be sufficient to have the new location sparkling clean and ready to use.


If it is time to move possessions, folks are inclined to use this opportunity to organise their possessions, clearing out their old and unwanted things to create space in their brand new chapter. There's a good opportunity you'll be likely to do exactly the same, therefore waste disposal is something that you may need to take into account. This can typically be performed on move day, the purchase price of waste disposal may fluctuate based upon the organization but solely in your in-side wisdom and organisation.

In the United Kingdom, it is possible to either employ a local council waste disposal facility or a personal waste disposal facility, a local council waste disposal facility is generally free but might require one to create the present documentation of residency or an internet booking to disposal of waste at a commercial van, or you'll need to do your investigation but it may be very cost effective if you do. In case you've prearranged a garbage disposal site it is only a matter of having your undesirable waste filled in a van and delivered to the website. In case you've already made a decision to employ a moving company making an extra, pre-booked visit to the waste disposal facility won't incur any additional fees but you might need to follow the motorist together with the van. Whether utilizing neighborhood or a personal centre reserving yourself might be worth the.


Many people utilize storage since they've downsized their home, they're thinking about traveling abroad or they could have extra furniture and wish to earn more space in the home. If you're thinking about placing things into storage you'll need to ensure that your things destined for storage have been packaged and tagged correctly, you've got your storage device booked before the transfer date. Whether you're taking things from storage to carry to a new house or placing items in after moving out you need to be certain that you understand the opening times into your storage device as late arrival might mean you're going to be denied access which will delay your transfer and might boost your move costs.


Working out how much time it will take to move and organize your possessions will really help save you money and time. Creating a list of those services that you need e.g: furniture dismantling, cleaning, man and van and storage. Whilst searching around for price quotes you might also ask for an estimated time quotation that is quite precise if you are clear on what you want doing.

Now you have your own time quotes, e.g: furniture dismantling 1hr, cleaning 2hrs, unloading and loading 1hr, travel time 30minutes x2 journeys (from pick-up speech to drop-off speech ) (assessing and having the Right van dimension will save you from creating extra excursions ) = 2hrs, travel to storage 15minute = 30minutes, loading/unloading in storage 20minutes: complete: 6hrs 50minutes

Most moving companies operate on a predetermined hourly fee with a minimum of 2hrs call-out fee so that you may have a strategy along with a rough idea how much you'll need to pay or be happy to pay for whatever you want precisely. When requesting quotes from moving companies it is important you're apparent on all aspects of your relocation; level/floor of land, lifts accessible, things moving, close parking etc.. This will effect the time it takes to your relocation.


Knowing what to watch out for when choosing a moving or removal company is essential and will save you the strain afterwards. The first thing to examine or though quite obvious many neglect to affirm their moving company includes git (goods in transit) insurance, this can provide you with the extra safety when going as the danger of an injury is obviously there, be certain that you're insured.

When searching around for a moving company nearly all companies offer the choice of a free-quote, asking quotes is a fantastic way to find a ball park figure, asking a lot of quotations can be very overwhelming, a proposal is to short-list five moving companies then move to ask from the short-list. Another suggestion is to not use comparison websites, not simply because you'll be bombarded with calls, voicemails and emails out of their sales reps, (something I am sure we've all fell prey to at some stage ) but additionally, it's been shown that comparison websites are commission based and in fact don't get you the very best price or best company accessible.

Do a bit of research!! On-line reviews are easily available and are a fantastic tool when exploring companies. Examine the company social networking pages and discover out what their clients are saying about their own experience. In the current society exploring a company and service has never been simpler since individuals talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. Be one step forward and study your prospective moving company before utilizing and consistently make a review for other people to gain from the experience too.