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Moving around London has never been easier. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t make it easy,
especially if you want to deal with it in a
cost-effective manner
. Just like any other relocation, there are important aspects
that you’ll need to tackle in a timely fashion
. If you don’t, your relocation is going
to be either expensive or impossible. So, to help you out, we are going to cover the
most important factors
of local removals in London.

Prepare for moving

As most moving guides will tell you, moving is all about preparation. Whether
you are dealing with local removals or London or planning to tackle an
international move
, you need to prepare properly if your relocation is going to be a


Start researching your relocation the moment you decide that you are going to move.

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One of the first things you should consider is whether or not you will handle your relocation on
your own. These
moves are much different from long-distance ones
, which is why a DIY relocation is a
viable option. You just need to research it properly and ensure that you have the necessary
tools and manpower to move your items
. Nevertheless, we still advise you to consider
hiring movers, as it tends to be the more efficient option.

Dealing with packing

Whether you opt for hiring professional movers in London or for dealing with a DIY relocation,
packing is something that you should take care of on your own. You can always hire
movers to pack your items for you, but, this is sometimes an unnecessary expense. By getting the
necessary packing supplies on time and by following a packing guide, you will be able to pack
your belongings like a pro.

Finding packing supplies

When it comes to getting packing supplies, there are essentially two options you can go for. You
can either visit your local DIY store and get what you need. Alternatively, you
can find a moving company that can sell you some. When it comes to containers, the most common
option is cardboard boxes. But you can also use plastic containers as they can be safer and,
surprisingly, more eco-friendly
. In either case, you first want to make an inventory
list before you go shopping. That way, you will know how much packing supplies you’ll need and
in what size. Once you have your inventory list, we suggest that you get a little extra just in


As you will soon learn, once you get your packing supplies, the actual packing procedure is
surprisingly straightforward. But it is essential
that you avoid packing mistakes
and that you handle every aspect of packing with due


When it comes to safety, packing is the most important aspect of moving preparations.

Taped up cardboard box with a box cutter next to it.

The ideal time to start packing is about three weeks before moving day. That way, you will
have enough time not to rush it
. And, you won’t pack too soon and force yourself to
live surrounded by boxes. The important packing tips to keep in mind are:

  • Place the necessary padding and wrapping. – Wrapping is necessary to
    protect your items from moisture. Padding is necessary for protecting it from physical
    harm. So carefully evaluate how much padding and wrapping your items need.
  • Use the right container. – The container for your item needs to be big
    enough so that your item fits in comfortably. But it also needs to be small enough so
    that your item doesn’t move around.
  • Avoid placing fragile items together. – Even vibrations from the moving
    truck can easily cause damage. So avoid having fragile items in direct contact,
    especially if they are brittle.
  • Use duck tape. – The last thing you need is for one of your boxes to
    fly open during transport. Don’t shy away from placing ample duck tape.
  • Label properly. – Anyone handling your boxes needs to know if the items
    inside are heavy and/or fragile. This will only be possible if you use plainly
    visible marker colours and write in large letters.

Finding the right company for local removals in London

Once you factor in the hassle and the manpower necessary to relocate, you will soon realize that
movers is often the most cost-effective option
. Furthermore, loading a moving truck
is often far more complicated then truck rental companies would like you to believe
So, with this in mind, we are going to go over the key steps in finding a decent company for
local removals in London.


Hiring professional movers is still the best way to deal with local removals in London.

A driver smiling while driving a truck.

Checking online

To find cost-effective movers, we suggest that
you first head online and see which moving companies operate in your area. There are a ton
of companies that can help you relocate to London
, which is why you should try to focus
on those that are closest to you. So, go online and figure out which companies are worth working
with. To help you filter them out, you are going to use online estimates and company

  • Online estimates – Most companies offer free online estimates to
    potential clients. These serve as a rough idea of what your final bill will be,
    and they are useful for comparing the prices of various companies.
  • Reviews – Reviews serve to give you an idea of how reliable and
    credible a company is. You should always check whether the company has the necessary
    to relocate you and how good the company’s rating is on independent
    websites like Google or Yelp.

Conducting the interview

Once you filter out the top three companies, you should conduct an interview with their company
representative. During this interview, you should outline the basics of your relocation with
them and get a much more precise, onsite estimate of your move. We strongly advise you
to carefully go over your contract before signing it. Also, make sure that you have the
right insurance
, as you may not be covered for certain expensive items.

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