Tips for Hiring a Rubbish Removals Company


A lorry taking away rubbish.


Tips for Hiring a Rubbish Removals Company


In this day and age, when technology is highly developed, and convenience is everything, we have become used to creating waste at an incredible pace. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to avoid that completely. But, we can do it responsibly. We still need professionals to remove the piles of unwanted waste that we collect every now and then. With so many of them available, it’s hard to deduct which is the best one. That is exactly why we decided to create this list of tips for hiring a rubbish removal company. 

Firstly, we want to help you to understand why you need a company like this, and how to choose the one that suits your needs the most. Know that we at Express Removals 247 are experts in the field, so you can be sure in the reliability of the information that we’re providing.

Advantages of hiring a rubbish removal company


The first thing we want to talk about is expertise. You see, quality companies that do rubbish removal invest in training their employees. This means that everything will be as smooth and as efficient as possible. Not only will they know the difference between types of rubbish, but they’ll also know exactly how to deal with each kind.


Another benefit of hiring professionals to do the job is that you can be sure that everything that can will be recycled. We’re all familiar with the idea of reusing boxes and similar supplies, but removal companies go a step further. Waste management is at the core of our existence, and we have all the equipment and gadgets to do the task as it should be done.

Cardboard waiting to be recycled.

Good rubbish removal companies will recycle almost everything that they take away.


Health and safety

This one depends on the type of rubbish you want to get rid of. There may be health and hazard concerns that you’re not aware of if you try to do it on your own. Getting allergies, cuts, and bruises while doing it are just the tip of the iceberg of what could happen. Additionally, not having professional training when it comes to disposal can even put you in legal trouble.


The final upside of hiring a rubbish removal company is the cost-effectiveness. If you do your side of negotiation right, you’re sure to get much more than you’re paying for. You’ll hire experts, so you’ll save the time that you can use for doing something else productive.

Tips for hiring a rubbish removal company that suits your needs the most

Many people are worried about how to determine the best company to hire. And they’re absolutely justified. Here are the things to pay attention to in order to make the best decision possible. 

Determine the type of rubbish

Without any doubt, choosing the perfect company for the job starts with determining what kind of rubbish you have on your hands. If you skip this task, you’ll end up calling every single waste disposal company that you can find and get disappointed as they don’t offer the services you need.


There are a few types of removals, and they are:


Vehicle tires piled up in two lorries.

Knowing what kind of garbage you have is the most important among all the tips for hiring a rubbish removal company.


Learn more about the companies you’re considering

The first places you should go for advice and information are your friends and family. After them, there’s the internet. The better the company is, the more they are likely to invest in organising and maintaining their website. There, you’ll be able to find all the sales pitches that may interest you.

There should also be a few ways of connecting with them, which is a good sign. Read the blog, watch the videos that they put out, and check out their social pages. These can tell you a lot about them.


List and sort the companies

Tips for hiring a rubbish removal company that we mentioned by far should help you to finalise the choice of the companies. The good news is that a single company can usually offer more than just one service. Express Removals 247 is your one-stop shop for all removals and waste disposal.


Call several contenders for the job or send an email and see how they respond. Customer support starts here, and it’s important to know how this part of the company operates. They’ll ask you about the kind of rubbish you want to be removed and your location. After this, you should get a free and no-obligation quote.


Man writing down tips for hiring a rubbish removal company.

Contact a few different companies and see how they respond to your questions before you choose one.


Determine the price

The basic idea of the business, if everything is as it should be, is that you pay for what you get. So, make sure to roughly calculate how much rubbish you actually have. These numbers are usually presented in cubic meters or yardage and they will help you to compare the estimates from different companies.

As we already mentioned, self-removals can cost more than professional ones, but that doesn’t mean that the professionals will do the job for next to nothing. If the quote you get is too low, or not existing at all that is a sure red flag for the company.


Make sure that the company is insured


Be sure to ask what screening and verification procedures they have put in place for their employees. Don’t hire a non-insured company as this is a recipe for disaster.


These are all the tips for hiring a rubbish removal company that we have for you today. Don’t skip any steps, do your research as thoroughly as you can, and we’re sure that you’ll be perfectly alright.


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Tips for Hiring a Rubbish Removals Company